Who We Are

In 1986, Transco was formed by a motivated group of individuals. People who wanted to fill the vacuum created by the absence of smaller, efficiently managed export houses. The company began active trading and within a short span of time had earned an enviable reputation in the world of export trade. So much so, new offices were required to accomodate its highly trained, growing team.

Today, Transco is an established name in export trade. Effectively forming a bridge between those who seek and those who provide. Both buying from and selling to countries all over the world, using its knowledge, expertise and experience to cut costs and get results.

Indeed, considering Transco's short history, progress has been commendable. But for a company who has always believed in offering professional services of the very highest calibre, certainly not surprising.

Transco's concentration on key areas such as staff, quality, ability, transportation, management and financial stability is today giving clients worldwide the edge in international food trading.